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🎶🎉 Get ready to groove and win big at our Music Bingo Night! 🎉🎶
 Calling all music lovers and bingo enthusiasts!
Join us for an unforgettable evening filled with hits from every era,
from chart-topping classics to the latest jams.

🎤 Test your music knowledge, dab your way to victory, and compete for fantastic prizes while enjoying the ultimate playlist curated just for you.

🎉 Whether you're a seasoned bingo pro or just looking for a fun night out, Music Bingo Night promises non-stop excitement, laughter, and memories to treasure.

  • How can I book the venue for my event?
    Dates are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis. To secure a date, HBS must receive a completed and signed contract and 50% of the rental fee. Discussion of dates does not guarantee a reservation.
  • Can I walk-in to your office / showroom during business hours or do I need an appointment?
    Our showroom is available by appointment only. Our business hours are designated for inventory control, designing, and other administrative work. If you would like someone to help you thoroughly we recommend you make an appointment so that we can specifically dedicate enough time to discuss your event.
  • Do you offer discounts (Military, Senior, etc.)?
    In order to be fair to everyone, we do not offer discounts. However, Monday–Friday and Sunday events have a lower rental fee than Saturday events, and are a great way to keep room in the budget.
  • How many sq ft. is the venue?
    Our MISSOURI CITY venue is 2800 sq. ft; our HTX venue is 1000 sq. ft.
  • How many people can fit in the venue?
    Our MISSOURI CITY venue can sit 64 - 150 guests; but can hold up to 200 guests Our HTX venue can sit 40 - 64 guests, but can hold up to 75 guests
  • Do you require a deposit to reserve an order?
    Yes, we require a 50% deposit upon booking your event and/or 50% deposit to reserve rentals for your special event.
  • When is the final payment due for my event and or rental order?
    Full payment is due 14 days before your event date. Rentals are due 48 hours prior to your event date. If your event is in less than 2 weeks, full payment is required upon booking.
  • What if I want to make changes to an Décor Package?
    Unfortunately, there are no exceptions to any of our décor packages. You may request add-ons to make your event come together seamlessly.
  • Once I place my order can I make any changes?
    Yes, you can make changes to your booking up to one week before your event. If custom items are added to your booking, i.e., special linen or special fabricated pieces, we ask that no changes are made to those items within two weeks of your event.
  • How many hours will we have the venue for?
    You will have the 4 hours of event time at both locations. However, we do offer additional hours at an additional rate.
  • How long should I wait before renting the studio or placing rental my order?
    You should place your order as soon as you know that you’re having a party. Bookings are on a first come. first serve base.
  • Do I need security for my event?
    SECURITY IS A MUST FOR ALL EVENTS | NO EXCEPTIONS We work with a private Event Security that will ensure the safety of you and your guests. Your décor package includes event security in the rate. Events with 75 or more guests will require two (2) officers and will be automatically added to your package. When booking additional hours, it is a $100 per hour (Mo City location) / $75 per hou (HTX Location) fee plus security cost.
  • Do you charge a delivery fee?
    Yes, we charge a delivery fee for all rentals. Delivery is a door to door service, and this cost does not include setup or placement of the items.
  • How much is the delivery fee?
    There is no flat rate for delivery. Cost of delivery depends on any special needs, such as timed or same day delivery and pickup, stairs and other contributing factors.
  • What time can we setup for our "DECOR Packaged" event?
    You are allowed one hour prior to your event start time to come in to setup. Additional hour available at an additional rate.
  • What time can we setup for our STUDIO ONLY event?
    You are allowed to come in 2 hours prior to the event start time. Additional hours available at an additional rate.
  • What's included in the packages?
    We have a few packages to choose from. The price varies depending on the details of you event and the size of the party. Give us a call or email us to know more.
  • Do you guys do catering?
    No. However, we can recommend trusted catering companies.
  • Can I bring my own catering company?
    Yes, you can bring your own catering company.
  • Can I bring my own alcoholic beverages?
    Yes, you can bring your own alcoholic beverages. However, alcohol must be served by a certified TABC bartender, we do have one on staff avaiable at a additional rate. BYOB events must have a special event license 2 weeks prior to event. Please give us a call or email us for more information.
  • Do you have a dance floor?
    No. However, we can provide recommended vendors to rent a dance floor.
  • Do you have a full kitchen?
    No. Our kitchen is only for catering use only to prep food and store.
  • Do you have a private room?
    No. We do not have a private room you can use.
  • What is the difference between the two studios?
    The number of guests you're expecting. The MISSOURI CITY studio can host up to 150 guests and the HTX location can host up to 64 guests.
  • Do you provide linens, plates, glassware and silverware?
    We do provide linens and acrylic wine glasses base on your decor package. However, we do not provide the plates, glassware and silverware. We can provide you with recommeneded vendors for those items.
  • Do I have to wash / clean the charger plates and/or linens upon return?
    No, all we ask is that you clear any food particles from plates and place back into crates. For linens, please make sure food is removed.
  • If some plates or glass is broken during my event, will I get charged?
    We understand that accidents happen and we will not charge you for one or two broken plates. However, if a significant amount is returned broken, we are inclined to charge the customer.
  • If my event is at my residence, will you deliver a few days before so I can have time to prepare?
    In most cases, we cannot accommodate delivery of rentals to residences days prior to your event.
  • Does the delivery fee include setup of rentals?
    No, unless specifically requested or arranged, setup is not included in the delivery fee. Additional fees do apply for setup. However, we will leave the rentals in a convenient location to make setting up easier for the client.
  • Do you have a minimum order amount to qualify for delivery?
    Yes, your order total must be at least $100 for your order to qualify for delivery. Delivery fee is in addition to the qualifying amount.
  • Will you come on-site for consultations?
    Sure. We can come to you for consultation, however there is a $50 service fee.
  • What if my event location has stairs for my delivery?
    Bookings that require us to bring your equipment up one or more flights of stairs will require an assistant. An additional $25 per flight will be added.
  • Can I use the Marquee Letters/Numbers outdoors?
    No. Unfortunately, our marquee letters are made out of cardboard and requires to be indoors.
  • How long does is my event rental?
    All rentals are rented per event for 4-8 hours. If you need the rental(s) the next day that will require another booking.
  • When do I return my rental?
    All items need to be returned no later than the following Monday between the hours of 9:00am and 2:00pm unless otherwise agreed upon by Client and HBS. A late fee of $50.00 per day will be charged to Client for all items returned after the agreed upon time. All items picked up must be returned in the same packaging they were received in. Should any items be soiled or moist, Client agrees allow the items to dry out before bagging. Mildew is the number one cause of permanent damage to linens. Upon pick up, if HBS determines the items are unsafe to travel or will risk damage, the rental items will not be released to Client. HBS will not always have staff onsite to assist with loading and unloading. Please have the proper amount of manpower at pick up.
  • Does the Selfie Photobooth or the 360 booth requires WIFI?
    Yes. The Client must ensure wifi is available at the venue. Honey Beeyond Event Centre, LLC photo booth rental requires the Client to provide or guarantee a venue Internet connection of at least (1MB). Honey Beeyond Event Centre, LLC is not responsible for insufficient share features below the required Internet speed. The client will be charged $50 for Honey Beeyond's hotspot if wifi is not available
  • What am I responsible for if I get a décor package?
    We got you covered as your one stop event stop! You're welcome to bring your own food, drinks, caterer, DJ/Band/Playlist....the rest is on us!
  • What happens if I return a unused rental item?
    Rental items are charged for time out, not for use. No refunds are given for items that were not used during the event.
  • What happens if my event is after midnight for my event rental pickup?
    Delivery outside of normal business hours are $35 per hour.
  • Do I meet with someone prior to the event?
    invite you to share any ideas, pictures, or comments you may have through your client portal. HBS will be sharing an Event Worksheet with you regarding the design and décor of your event two (2) weeks prior to your event. If you would like to discuss your event prior to two weeks, there will be a consultation fee of $50/per hour. Please click here to book an appointment.
  • What type of vehicle required for picking up my rentals?
    The vehicle rentals are picked up in must be of adequate size to accommodate the items in a secure and safe manner. If your order consists of large items such as chiavari chairs, marquee letters/numbers, tables or furniture items, an ENCLOSED truck will be required along with proper equipment to secure the items. *** Please bring your own straps, rope, tarps and furniture blankets. Upon pick up, if HBS determines the items are unsafe to travel or will risk damage, the rental items will not be released to Client. HBS will not always have staff onsite to assist with loading and unloading. Please have the proper amount of manpower at pick up.
  • How much space would you need for the Selfie Photobooth or the 360?
    Our 360 Photo Booth must have the appropriate space of 10' x 10' at the event's venue. Customer/Client is responsible for providing a standard three-prong outlet to power the booth. There will be no refunds or adjustments to total will be honored if the customer was unable to secure adequate space All backdrops are at least 5' by 10' or 10' by-10'. Certain space restrictions may require us to adjust our setup to accommodate. Packages with booth enclosures will require at least 15' deep by 15' wide as well as 10' high. Backgrounds are avaiable at an additional rate for each booth. NOTE Honey Beeyond Event Centre, LLC/Honey Beeyond Studio is not responsible for the location of the photo booth. We will locate your specified point of contact and they will tell us where the booth should be located. We will not be held liable for incorrect information provided on this contract. No children on the booth without adult supervision. Honey Beeyond Event Centre, LLC/Honey Beeyond Studio is not responsible for injury to a child due to running or horseplaying. Power: Customer/Client is responsible for ensuring power is available for Photo Booth (110V, 5 amps, 3 Prong outlet).
  • Is your question not listed here? No worries, just let us know!
    Please send us an email to or simply complete our contact us form.
  • Do I need to sign up when I get to the event?
    Nope, We will announce when the rounds is about to start and then bring the cards and markers around, just find a open seat or table to play at!
  • Booking
    You must be 21 years or older to book an event.
  • Right to Decline Service
    Customer/ Client acknowledges Honey Beeyond Event Centre, LLC/Honey Beeyond Studio shall have the right to decline service to the client's guest (invited or uninvited), for misuse, inappropriate photos, or unruly behavior.
    Please contact us first before placing a reservation of any rental items to confirm availability. Our website doesn't show the availability of the products based on the Event Date you are inputting in the form. We are manually confirming the availability of each item on the particular date. In an event that a client books a specific item that is unavailable, any replacement item will still be price regularly. No discount should be given regardless.
    The customer gives Honey Beeyond Studio permission to use the photos that are taken at the event for use on our website, Instagram, Facebook, and for marketing materials. This is with the understanding that the customer will not profit from these photos in any way.
  • Clean Up/Trash Removal
    Clients are responsible to dispose of their own trash in dumpsters located outside. Trash cans are to be left completely empty upon leaving. There is a $60.00 service-cleaning fee to every rental. Individual is responsible or ask caterer to clean food prep area.
  • Payments, Deposits and Fees for Events
    Clients shall not reserve an event date and event time until a 50% down payment has been made from the total amount. Full payment must be made no later than fourteen days prior to the event. Please Note: We do not send payment reminders. FAILURE TO MAKE FULL PAYMENT AT LEAST 14 DAYS PRIOR TO AN EVENT DATE WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE CANCELLATION OF THE RESERVATION. ALL FUNDS RECEIVED WILL BE RETAINED. In the event that the Client fails to pay the balance due within the time period agreed upon in this contract, interest shall accrue upon the unpaid balance at the rate of 5% per day until the day of the event. *Bookings made within 2 weeks of a requested date must be paid in full. Any cancellations are subject to a 0% refund. We are not responsible for weather, travel, or guest/attendee circumstances, etc. Cancellations must be made in writing or by person-to-person communication (no voicemail or direct message). NO REFUNDS ON DEPOSITS - NO EXCEPTIONS We will try our very best to work with you in the event of unforeseen cancellations. However, all payments are nonrefundable, regardless of the reason. Clients are subject to a company store credit for up to 12 months from the original event date unless otherwise stated. Any reservation booked within 2 days prior to the event date is subject to late booking fees. The late booking fee starts at $50.
  • Outside Vendors
    You, the client, must designate an on-site representative who will be in contact with the VENDORS as needed. You must inform your Vendors of your allotted time slot of your event which is ONE Hour prior to your event time. If vendor is requesting more time, there is a $25 per 30 minutes. Vendors are responsible for the cleanliness, safety, insurance and security of their property. All bartenders must wipe the bar clean of their area, remove trash and empty ice cooler prior to their departure, Failure to do so will be a $50 charge. They are responsible for the cleaning up and /or pick up their property one hours after your event start time or you will be charged an additional fee of $150.00. Tents, tables, chairs and other equipment are NOT INCLUDED for outside vendors. If vendors request power, they are responsible for providing their own extension cord(s). We recommend bringing up to 25-100ft. Vendors may rent tents, tables, chairs and other equipment from Honey Beeyond Studio for an additional fee. (Subject to availability). Absolutely no alcoholic beverages are permitted for sale or consumption at your event. Cooking will not be allowed on the property. Honey Beeyond Studio is not responsible for any items lost or damaged.
  • Conclusion of your event
    All we ask is for the studio's garbage to be properly bagged and removed from the premises. The trash dumpsters are in the back of the studio. All Items used in decorating must be removed at the conclusion of the event. I will bag all of the trash tightly in black trash bags and take it to the outside trash cans. If the trash cans are full, I will leave the black trash bags outside by the trash cans, stacked neatly and ready to be picked up. If I leave loose trash or trash bags open, I am aware that it can lead to additional cleaning charges. I will not leave anything but black trash bags outside of the trash cans. I will take all boxes or anything else not bagged in black trash bags with me to dispose of. Otherwise, I am subject to a pick-up fee of $50. This includes any personal items and equipment from the DJ and other vendors. Items left overnight will be placed in the trash by Honey Beeyond Studio staff *cleaning fee may apply*. If there is anything on the floor that requires additional scrubbing, scraping, etc., I will remove it to avoid additional cleaning fees (Gum, candle wax, paint, silly string, glitter, confetti, etc.). I will not leave vomit to be cleaned. Vomit is not a part of the basic cleaning. I understand I will be charged an additional cleaning fee of $50 for vomit. The studio must be left in good condition, as it was received. We will take care of the rest.
  • Right of Entry
    The staff of Honey Beeyond Studio and those persons authorized by the studio shall have the right to enter or remain in the studio at all times during the event, including during an emergency involving possible injury to property or persons in or around the studio.
  • Rental Sale
    No changes can be made to an order especially the date of the event. If a customer would like to change or add an item to the order after the period of sale is ended, all products shall be paid in Full Price. There is an Expedited Rush Fee for rentals made 48 hours within your event date. Store Credits cannot be used as a booking payment during the sale especially the given complimentary store credits. You may used it to settle your balances if any, or for additional items you added on regular prices.
  • Parking/Loading for deliveries
    Delayed setup will occur if parking/loading information is not provided. This will cut into service time for your event and/or the photo booth. This information will be verified after the booking process and will be confirmed in writing and attached to the contract and terms.
  • Cancellation of Rentals
    No order shall be cancelled atleast 2 weeks prior to the event date. Deposits made will be forfeited in the event that cancellation is made. Note that we are reserving the rental items solely for you on your specified event date.
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