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Hey Honey Tee

Behind our Brand

Hey Hunnies...

It’s Shariee....I'm going to share with you additional information behind my "My Honey Tees" brand. In 2020, I founded Honey Beeyond Studio in memory of my charming grandmother, Henrietta Fears Bedford, who gave me my nickname, “Honey Number 1.”
In October 2019, “Grandma” or “Granny” — as she was known to her 12 grandchildren and who knows how many great-grandchildren—transitioned to her eternal home. Her soft-spoken and robust nature, coupled with talents such as baking and sewing, and love for all, fashioned a charming legacy worthy of being honored by all who knew her: especially me. I will cherish her memories forever. 
The memory that inspired my creativity includes the terms of endearment that she used during our phone calls and visits. She always greeted me with, “Hey Honey,” and left me with, “See ya later, Honey.” She also referred to my brother, Drew, as “Honey.” He and I anecdotally teased about which one of us was her true, “Honey.” Finally, she settled our debates with, “You’re my big Honey, and you’re my Little Honey.” 
We’re still trying to figure that out.
Upon her passing, Drew and I discovered that, after she realized that the other grandchildren (naming no names) were jealous, she began to call all her grandchildren and great-grandchildren “Honey” and led us all to believe that we are her Number 1. Thus, to honor her memory, Honey Beeyond Event Centre—a dream that I once shared with her—came full circle.
In March 2021, I launched My Honey Tees, a collection of inspiring tees for men and women. Our product line replaces messages of uncertainty, fear, and self-doubt with ideas that define your true unapologetic inner self.


Hey Honey Tees


My Honey Tees express moods, attitudes, and fitness goals. Embossed with inspiring quotes about fighting illness, rehabilitation, and cancer, our tees carry a message of hope. We also have heartfelt mom tees that celebrate motherhood, hilarious retirement gifts for that particular wacky co-worker, and hobby tees women enjoy wearing when they embrace their favorite passions.

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My Grandma

Henrietta Fears Bedford

1938 - 2019

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